Are you ready to Rock Your ADHD with confidence?

This is where ADHD Mamas go from OVERWHELMED to ROUTINE QUEENS

without feeling trapped by a schedule 🥰

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You're not the only one drowning in to-dos.

Are you...

~ Feeling completely useless because you can't stay on top of household chores?

~ Overwhelmed by pretty much everything in life and have NO CLUE where to even start?

~ Struggling to do what you KNOW needs to get done and keep disappointing yourself, partner, and/or kids?

~ Feeling isolated because no one else seems to "get it"?

You're NOT ALONE I've totally been there!



I discovered the key to thriving as an ADHD Mama 

I found a supportive community of like-minded women and a coach that understood my struggle, I was able to go from completely overwhelmed to the queen of routine!


For years I felt like a failure at everything...

As well as the constant feeling of being overwhelmed, isolated, and utterly useless. No matter how hard I tried or how many planning systems I used… Nothing ever worked. 

I couldn’t understand why it all seemed so easy for all the other mamas. I was using all of my energy trying to fit a square peg (ADHD) in a round hole (neurotypical methods)!

When I found out I had ADHD things started to change. I was able to put a name to my struggle and make sense of my life. Then, I found a community of people like me and with their support I turned things around. 

I was able to learn to work WITH my ADHD not AGAINST it. I became the Queen of Routine and began to rock my ADHD with style. Now, I’m dedicated to helping you do the same!

  • ADDCA ADHD COACHING CERTIFICATION in progress (Learn more about certification below)
  • CBT Life Coach Certification
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Slay Your ADHD Day 

Stop trying to be "normal" and join Your People so you can learn to harness your unique gifts! BTDubbs... You deserve it. 

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 Lifetime Access Includes:

  • Prologue: Start with Fun
    • You'll learn to enjoy yourself again and activate your brain in the process
  • Week 1: Planning for Success 
    • You'll learn to make your to-do list work for you not against you.
  • Week 2: Get Your Mind Right
    • You’ll explore why scheduling makes you crazy and how to bust thru that block and work with your brain.
  • Week 3: Let’s Get Fierce
    • You'll create your fierce structures that keep you on track to get ish done. Say goodbye to missed appointments and deadlines!
  • Week 4: Crowning the Routine Queen
    • You'll create your personalized daily routine that’ll have you screaming “Yass Queen!”.
  • Week 5: Glitterize to Revitalize
    •  You'll learn the skills you need to recognize when a routine/schedule is about to stop working and how to glitterize it to keep your brain happy!
  • Week 6: Habitual Awesomeness
    • You'll step into the best version of you by creating a habit of continual self-reflection and improvement. 
  • Be Accepted for Being YOU (Priceless):  Join a supportive community of other ADHD women and let your hair down at our virtual venting sessions. 

You'll Also Get Access to Any Updates or Changes Forever! 

You Had Me at Fun!

When You Enroll in Slay Your ADHD Day

You'll finally:

🧠 Stop saying, "Why did I do that?!" and understand what makes you tick 

🥰 Enjoy your much-deserved "me time" without the soul-crushing mom guilt 

✅ Design your successful life with routines and habits that will make daily tasks a breeze!

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Embracing your ADHD ...

Understand how your brain works so you can tap into your most powerful resource effectively. Let go of the stigma surrounding your diagnosis and learn to love yourself and your neurodiversity.

Create a Strategy Toolbox...

Learn strategies for your low energy days, preventing procrastination, limiting distractions, calmly starting and ending your day, prioritizing, making meaningful connections, and MUCH MORE!

Power of Community...

Sometimes we don't know what we don't know. Being part of a community allows you to get answers to questions you didn't even know you should ask. As well as being loved and accepted for who you are which has proven to be an effective part of any ADHD management system 🥰

Get in TODAY 🔒-in Your Exclusive Rate!

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Transformation is Possible...

Don't Believe Me? Here's What Others Had to Say:

Camera Shy image of Marci a 1 on 1 client

From Confused to Crushing It...

As a woman with ADHD, coaching really helps me get things done. I've reduced my procrastination, and have identified how I need to stick with my decisions. This reduces stress and makes life much more enjoyable.

After only 3 months my head isn't spinning anymore, I'm kicking butt in my business, spending more time with my kids, and I'm back in the game!





Photo of Lauren a SYAD Member

Progress NOT Perfection

I no longer question my ability to stick to routines, simply because I have a different view of them now. Everything we do in a day can be part of a routine. It's not SUPPOSED to look like anyone else's because our brains don't WORK like anyone else's.

I still have to work on not falling into the 'all or nothing thinking' trap, but I'm much better at just letting the one thing go if it didn’t get done in a day. No one's days look the same EVER, so I've become more able to accept that the fabulous 15 step morning routine you see on YouTube is a highlight reel.

Working WITH my brain instead of against it has made all the difference, and especially working with someone whose brain functions like mine (and not someone who just learned about ADHD through a textbook) was a game-changer!

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If You Need To Go From Overwhelmed/Shutdown to Confident ADHDer So That You Can Be The Awesome Mama You're Meant to Be, The Slay Your ADHD Day Program Is For You.



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  • I'm currently enrolled in the ADDCA ADHD Coaching certification program. I want to learn everything I can to bring you the best experience and biggest transformation possible! Learn more about ADDCA certifications at
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