The ADHD Mommy Community Spotlight Pt. 1


Community Spotlight featuring Debbie and Jessica!


It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to πŸ˜‰. [In my Timbaland voice] But for reals it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post and I think the best way to get back to it is to shine a light on the awesomeness that is the ADHD Mommy Community.


Today we’ll learn a bit about Jessica and Debbie. Two ADHD mamas out here thriving and surviving. One of which is a member of my group coaching program, Slay Your ADHD Day! Ok, let’s get this show on the road.

First up:





Debbie provided me with this adorable pic in lieu of her photo. I wasn’t originally going to post any photos submitted that weren’t of the mama being interviewed, but I couldn’t help it. It was just too fitting.


You see Debbie not only has ADHD but is also bi-polar. She is dealing with two big mental health struggles. In the medical world these are called co-morbidities. It sounds kinda scary, but it just means you have two or more things going on simultaneously. For Debbie that is ADHD and Bi-polar disorder. For me it is ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression. [More on that here]


I really felt the pic displayed a multi-faceted personality (Like Shrek’s onion metaphor) quite well. And isn’t that what being Neurodivergent is all about? Peeling back our layers, recognizing our struggles as well as our gifts?


In fact, Debbie told me her biggest strength and struggle are one in the same. Time-blindness! 😳 Oh man could I relate to that. It is usually the bain of an ADHDers existence and Debbie was no different,


“Time blindness and finishing tasks are my biggest struggles! Right now, I let others know that I have time blindness and to remind me of the time! I also try not to start a task I don't have time to finish at one go!”


That last line is why this is both Debbie’s biggest challenge and strength. Time-blindness contributes to our ability to hyperfocus, and Debbie uses it well. This mama gets so hyperfocused she finishes projects in one go! She even realized the necessity of being open and honest about our limitations so we can get the accommodations and support we need to be successful.



Thanks for sharing your story Debbie! I’m so happy to have you as a part of the ADHD Mommy Community! If you’d like to reach out to Debbie with thanks, love, and/or support for sharing her story she can be reached at [email protected] 


Next Up…





My girl Jessica! Proud Boy Mama of 2 and Member of Slay Your ADHD DayπŸŽ‰


At the time of our interview Jessica was officially undiagnosed but sure that her symptoms were pointing in the direction of ADHD. Throw in an 2 diagnosed children and 1 diagnosed father and I’d hazard to bet she’s made a spot on self-diagnosis.


Heck, I don’t really have to guess. As I mentioned Jessica is a member of my group coaching program and from my own interactions with her… Yup, she’s one of us alright! She, like so many of us, has more subtle symptoms than her male counterparts. Leaving her undiagnosed even though she has a diagnosed parent AND children.


Cue Rant:


It’s sad that this is still a common story amongst neurodivergent women. Even women with high-functioning autism are being misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. It truly baffles me that even though the science has proven women present differently and are typically able to cope into adulthood… NO ONE IS LOOKING FOR IT… Why aren’t we screening women for ADHD when they start to struggle in college, beginning their careers, or after having their first child? All of which are proven to be points in life when an individual's ability to compensate for their ADHD falters. Yet, we are immediately told it is anxiety, depression, and everything under the sun EXCEPT ADHD πŸ˜‘.


End Rant.



Okay, back to Jessica specifically, like Debbie she expressed that her greatest strength was also her greatest struggle… Hmm, are we seeing a pattern here?πŸ€” Jessica’s double edge sword is boredom avoidance. She likes to keep busy and therefore takes on lots of different tasks and does them well because she’s a frickin boss. BUT on the other hand boring tasks are conveniently left off the schedule even when they’re a necessity.


“I don't like to sit still so I am constantly taking on more and more tasks. As a parent, a lot of these tasks have been oriented around my children's activities such as church, scouts, or school. The challenging part isn't fitting these into the schedule, it's fitting the other boring (but required) tasks into the schedule. You know, things like laundry and dishes.”


She is a master of scheduling and lives by her planner and hand written notes, but the boring stuff is not only left off the planner, but when the fun stuff gets boring it gets ditched too. How many of us can relate to getting 90% of a project/hobby done then never finishing it? πŸ™‹πŸΎ‍♀️ This actually brings to mind a certain crochet baby blanket I started while pregnant that is sitting unfinished in my closet 😳. Maybe, I should try to finish that. *sigh*


There is one thing I’m sure Jessica is going to finish, and that’s college. She’s a working mama of 2 who went back to school and I know she is crushing it. I am so proud to have been her coach and for her to be a part of this community!


I’ll end her story today with an amazing insight she shared: 


“Being an ADHD momma has come in handy when I need to go to bat for my children. Both of my kids have dealt with complex medical issues and I haven't always felt that they were getting the right attention. I've been able to do the research and stand up and hold my ground with the medical staff to ensure their needs are met.”


Now that’s what I call one BADA$$ ADHD MAMA! Kicking butt and taking names for her precious babies πŸ’• A big thank you to Jessica for sharing her story with us! If you’d like to reach out to Jessica with thanks, love, and/or support for sharing her story follow her on Instagram @mstnggrl66


As this post comes to an end, I can't help but feel immensely thankful for the amazing women I get to meet through this business. I'm probably biased but I swear female ADHDers are some of the most empathetic, compassionate, hard-working, and just all around awesome people in the world. It is truly an honor to work with you all. πŸ₯°


OK... Enough of the feels! If you'd like to be featured in upcoming community spotlights, Send an email to [email protected] and we'll get something set up.


Until Next Time...

πŸ’– Kami


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